Maximum Marriage in the 21st Century

A reigning Marriage that is in its full strength of potentials for man to accomplish his destiny, giving glory to God …Rev. 4:11.

Couples’ Access Code
(CAC) 002/2019.


Father Lord, give to everyone reading this post an open heart to receive your Word and stir their spirits to do your eternal Will for their marriages in Jesus previous name.

The 21st century is known by so much violent attacks against the marriage union, aimed at weakening the family structure for the perpetually rule of wickedness in the human society.

The war against marriage is a fight against man’s destiny and it is a continuous one and no single marriage is exempted

Your marriage is a pivotal component of the divine blueprint for your life on the earth.

When marriage collapses, destiny suffers fulfillment.

I show you two ways you can win this war all the time always.

1. Involve God in your marriage union.
Let it be founded and run by his terms. He designed every marriage for his practical daily involvement and participation.
Matt.19:6, Eccles. 4:12.

2. Defend & Procter your spouse, because, most of the times, it’s one of you the enemy uses to fight your marriage.

Wives, genuinely submit to your own husbands in subjection. You will receive protected care, honor and glory.

Husbands sincerely and practically love your wives. You will be reverenced and shall receive defending help from God in all areas of need.
Ref. Scriptures
1 Peter 3:1-7 / Eph 5:22-33.

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Walk in unity, for you & your spouse are one in God. He will fight to defend the union by His mighty power.

You need only God and your spouse to fulfill your destiny on the Earth. Matt 18:19.

I pray again,

Father Lord, by the concoring Power of Heaven, let the raging stormy war against every marriage be quenched and stopped now in Jesus mighty name.

Restore calmness and Peace to every troubled marriage now in Jesus wonderful name.

Touch and turn the heart of the husband to love his wife
Empower the wife to willingly submit to her husband in Jesus winning name.

You are blessed and stay blessed in Jesus precious name.

Please let us work with the Holy Spirit to save marriages the enemy has earmarked to destroy this year.

I give you my permission and kindly request that you forward this to all groups you belong to and also to all your contacts.

From God, the owner and lover of every Marriage & Family by my hand;

Keme Christopher
Marriage Counselor & Family Revivalist
[email protected] Whatsapp : 08135451107.