May we know you, for the purpose of our readers?

I was formerly Apostle Shekinah Daniels but now Bishop Shekinah Daniels. I am married with six children. I came into full ministry in 2008 and since then I have been doing exploits. This is my 11th year as a full-time minister. We started off with the name of the church as Living Springs, but along the way when we wanted to register it with CAC, we found out that the name has been used. As a result, we had to change the name and today we are Be in Christ Ministry, aka Vision Builders. We just relocated from Governor’s Road in Ikotun to Idimu, on your way to Foursquare camp.

You keep saying we, who are the others in the picture?

The whole church (laughs). Our Daddy, the General Overseer. I am the founder of the ministry. And of course, you know when I say we, I am referring to the whole church, because it is not a one-man thing.

How did the call or ministry start?

To the glory of God, my foundation is The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I was in Redeemed for 12 and half years before I left. Coming from Ijaiye, then it used to be Area 14, from ACME that was where the branch came out from. When I left, I joined Pentecostal Divine Church at Ogba. When I left there, I stayed a little bit with Apostle Tom Sampson, back when he was in Egbeda, before I left to join Bishop Esther Udoh, founder of Promise Land Church at Egbeda, Idimu Road. She is my mother in the Lord, and she ordained me an Evangelist. That is where I started.

I was there as an evangelist before I left and to start my ministry at Mr. Biggs, Ikotun Roundabout. That was where we kicked off till we decided to look for a better accommodation and atmosphere where we wouldn’t need to share facility with people. We then found a place in Governor’s Road, Ikotun. We later had to move to Idimu, because that place is not our land. We are presently looking up to God for our permanent site to be built. That’s how far we have gone and fared. Our prayer is that by the time the ministry would have been 13 years old, we would have found our permanent site. Though we have landed properties at Ajah and Ifo, but we are not ready for those places now. We are praying we find a good place at Idimu to build.

That’s how far we have gone in the ministry: from evangelist to Apostle and then here I am today, a Bishop. Praise the Lord!

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We rarely have vibrant women of God in the church lately. How do you see it, is it not challenging for you to be a woman minister and now a woman Bishop?

Laughs! Yeah, it’s a great responsibility. But then if you are called, you are called. I also believe that any woman of God that has the calling of God upon her head will really have to look up to God for a partner. You don’t just marry anybody, because if you get married to a man that does not like or welcome or want to see his wife serve God, I think you have a problem. But if you marry one who God has chosen for you and that man see that there is a calling upon your head, he will support.

My husband, now a Pastor, who was in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, was one of those men who didn’t welcome the thought of becoming a man of God but prefer to serve from the pew. He is the type who supports his wife but wouldn’t want to dabble into ministry himself. That is the kind of man I married. Never has he said, “don’t go and preach.” Never has he said, “Where are you going?” When I inform him I have a program anywhere, he says, “Go ahead.”

With me, ministry has been easy. My number one calling was as a musician. I was a singer, so he knows we are always off to church, camp, weddings and where have you. So, he is used to it. By the time we were called into the ministry as teachers he was already used to it. He might not go on the missions with you, but he is always in the details. He supports financially and morally. He comes to the church, till I told him I can’t be the general overseer and the founder, and that he has to assume the position of the general overseer. So, he is the general overseer. When I am not around or in town, he takes care of the church. He preaches and does everything. He keeps the church going till I come back. It’s a matter of trust and respect for the calling.

So, it’s been easy and my children were born into the system and they know that mummy is a servant of God. They grew up and adapted to the system and know mummy has to go out to preach.

Of course, I have to create a balance, and like my husband would say, “you belong to God and me, so we will share,” Laughs! “So, balance it, no cheating, give Him his time and give me my time.” So, it’s all about wisdom to manage your time between your home and the church. With a husband like mine, when I come back and say I am tied, he says, “No you cannot be tired. You have served God. Now it’s my time. Tell me everything. Look at me, it’s my turn now. Don’t sleep. Wake up.” So, that’s how it is. I have really enjoyed my time as a servant of God and still enjoying it.

What has been the impact of your call on the people around and the community?

As a woman, you know there are men who say they cannot be under your anointing or ministry because you are a woman. And there are those who believe that be it man or woman, you are called of God. It has to do with those who love you or your anointing. To me, it doesn’t matter. I only pray one prayer, “Lord, don’t let them see me as a woman, let them see me as a servant of God.” Be it a woman or a man, the Grace of God is upon us all. The anointing differs according to individuals. If you are of that background where you have an objection to a woman head, when you come to the ministry, watch, and when you love it you stay.

Some people say we are harsh and tough and not like the male counterpart. Some of us are very ruthless, but loving.

So, now that you are a Bishop, you know the expectation of the people will be so high and they will be expecting to draw more from the anointing now. So, what should the people be expecting?

Like I would say, I am still me. From being an Evangelist to an Apostle and now to a Bishop, I cannot change. I think now it will be worse, because I was telling somebody and saying, “Hey, una don enter trouble. Una make me Bishop, I won’t stop singing and dancing o!” I will sing and dance and continue to make trouble on the altar. So, it doesn’t change a thing in me. I still want people to have free access to me. I want people to see me and be able to come to me. I still want to be who I am, Bishop or not. That’s all, just to affect life, and be a blessing to my generation, to my God and to my people.

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What is your message to your people?

I know we all are not called to serve on the altar. But wherever you find yourself, you are still a child of God and a minister. The levels might be different, but it’s still the same thing. All I know is: “Give your life to Christ, serve God and any servant of God out there. I always believe that everything is written. If it is not written and you try to write it yourself, there might be a little problem. But once it is written, you will get there.

It is not by force and you don’t lobby. I don’t know how to, and I think if it’s by lobbying, I don’t think by now I will be able to buy and go force myself now to get this Bishopric election. How God did it – the same way he did with the Apostleship is the same way he did it again.

Like I was telling Bishop Chukwuegbu, I say, “I stop here. I don’t want to be Bishop eminent. I don’t want to be Archbishop. I don’t want to be any other thing. I want to stop here.” What I should be looking for is more anointing and power. So, I want to focus on how to be better.The cripple should walk, the blind should see, the lame walk. Wherever is the problem when you come to me, I should be able to pray and miracle happens. That’s where I am now. That’s all. It can’t be more than these. I just give God the glory, because now I just focus on the anointing.