Vicorjint International School, Ijegun, held its Graduation/Price Giving Day On July 20, 2019. The event had a high turnout with a lot of fun and games featuring. Senior students were close to tears as they prepared to face the next step in their educational pursuits, leaving behind their friends and teachers with whom they shared a bond built over several years. Our Community Alimosho’s reporter, Kesandu Egburonu was on hand to interview a select number of those concerned. Excerpt…

Vicorjint School
Vicorjint School pupils

Mrs. Amarachi Orjinta—Proprietress

What inspired you to establish this institution of learning?

First and foremost, I thank God for everything. It is not really my own power, but the thing is that I saw the beauty in these children. The first time I bought this place, it was as if nothing was good, but when I looked around I saw great children and I thought it was perfect. So, I had to pick them up, train them and I have never regretted doing that.

How long has this school been in existence?

About 15-16 years. But we took over two years ago.

What have been the challenges faced in those two years?

It has not been easy but when you have the passion for something you have to go the extra mile to get that thing done. When we saw what we liked, we went the extra mile to achieve what we wanted. We had to face pressure from the parents, trying to build the students’ mentality, handling the teachers, the school fees challenges, but I believe God will see us through.

In terms of academic excellence in Nigeria, how will you evaluate your school?

(Pauses) Everything is in the hands of God, but I believe that we are going higher globally. We are on course; that is for sure.

Has the school received any award in academics, sports or other areas?

Yes. We received from one last year from a school – Excellent Secondary School – where our students came second in sports.

Head Boy, Ofume Chinedu Giving A Speech
Head Boy of Vicorjint School, Ofume Chinedu giving a speech

Can you authoritatively say that the quality of students produced here can stand the test of time when they venture into tertiary institutions?

I will answer that question with the motto of the school which says “learners today, leaders tomorrow”.  I believe that we have given them enough and I also tell them that to succeed you have to keep on learning. It doesn’t stop here. I believe that what we have given them here will see them through.

Will you say today’s event has been a success?

Yes. It is a successful day. I am happy and with what I saw from other parents; they are happy too. I think it is a successful day. Unlike last year’s, which I must confess, was a terrible one. Then, we were still coming up and some of the parents didn’t understand where we were going. It was as though we were begging them to keep their children here, but today I am very happy with the parents.  Some even cancelled their (other) programmes to be here. I believe we are going to give more next time.

What do you think the government should do to improve the educational system in Nigeria?

I think that the government should look into the school system because there are so many mushroom schools all around. Some don’t even have what it takes to start a school and having those kinds of schools around leaves those that run quality schools discouraged. You spend all your money employing qualified teachers and at the end you will not see students. Meanwhile, you will hear of some quacks charging N7, 000 for secondary school fees, even N5, 000! I then ask myself: who are all these schools? I think the government should look into it. It is a serious matter. Some of these people are just deceiving the children. They are not using the school calendar or syllabus, but you see the government allows them to be because of some petty bribes they are getting from them. It is a disaster for those who come into this system to help train the leaders of tomorrow. They should not discourage us by leaving those quack schools to be in existence.

A pupil receiving a price
A pupil receiving a price

Mr. Emmanuel Osuji – Most Punctual Teacher

Congratulations on being awarded the most punctual teacher

Thank you.

What brings the zeal in you to observe punctuality at all times?

It has been in me right from my secondary school days. There was a particular day I went to school late and my seniors flogged me mercilessly. Since then I have been punctual.

Are teachers being taken care of in this school?

Aside from the monthly payment which is okay, the headteacher always makes sure that we (teachers) are well taken care of and that is one of the most important things.

On a scale of 1-10, rate this school?

I will say 7 and that is because they employ graduates who are competent in their duties.

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Ofume Chinedu— Head Boy

I plan to be a mechanical engineer; to go to the tertiary institution; bag a first-class degree and make my parents proud.


Isaac Angel — Punctuality Prefect

My teachers are really great and I love them so much. They have done a very good job in teaching every one of us. With just a few students, Vicorjint is a blessed school. I grade the school, on a scale of 1-10, a 7.


Mrs. Mbagwu – Parent

How has this school impacted on your children?

First and foremost, I will say, the discipline because most of the things I could not control my son regarding has been handled by the school. Secondly, like the diction teacher points out, most of the time when I pronounce some words at home, my son who is just in Kindergarten 1 will point out the right pronunciation. That makes me happy at the very least.

What do you think is the difference between Vicorjint and other schools?

Vicorjint, in particular, leaves a huge impact on their students through their values, integrity, honesty and the way they instill boldness. Vicorjint will remain Vicorjint while other schools will remain as other schools.