Using a mobile phone or an earpiece while driving is an offence, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has said.

The FRSC Ikeja Unit Commander, Assistant Route Commander Olukayode Ayoola, disclosed this during an enlightenment campaign at The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Court of His Majesty, Abesan, Ipaja, Lagos on Sunday.

He disclosed that many road crashes had resulted from the use of earpiece because drivers could not hear necessary caution horning.

Ayoola noted that human errors constituted 90 percent of accident causative factors while 10 percent could be traced to mechanical faults.

He said that human errors mostly resulted from ignorance, negligence and carelessness, one of which was using a mobile phone and earpiece while driving.

“It is unfortunate that people know the right thing to do while driving but refuse to do them.

“All precautionary measures put out by the road safety are not for formalities but are meant to be adhered to, for the safety of all.

“Use of phones and earpiece is seriously discouraged while driving, it is an offence; these will serve as distractions and could lead to accidents and eventual deaths,” Ayoola stated.

Meanwhile, the FRSC commander advised drivers to place C-caution sign 50 metres from the location of their broken-down vehicle to avoid collision with an oncoming vehicle.

Also, he said children under 12 years should not sit in the front seat and mothers should refrain from breastfeeding while driving.

According to him, road crashes have caused more fatalities than many well-known communicable diseases.

Furthermore, he urged Nigerians to learn the highway codes and adhere to other road safety practices.

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