Community leaders in Alimosho have harped on the need for residents to maintain a clean environment while calling on the Private Sector Participation (PSP) operators to improve their services to the community.

While speaking during the monthly Alimosho Community Development Community (CDC) meeting on July 26, the Assistant Secretary, Mr. Ibrahim Abiodun, decried the poor services rendered by PSP operators in some areas of Alimosho, noting that they needed to improve service delivery since they were being paid.

He said, “The areas differ. In some areas that are too large to handle, they should make a report so they can add more to them.

“They are failing the people, thereby causing nuisance in the environment.

“Some of them are trying but some are not. But we cannot give them up to 80 per cent.

“We can give as low as 15 or 20 per cent. Although the job is cumbersome, it is their job.

“They cannot come out boldly and say that ‘we are working and we are not being paid’.

“But we can say that we are paying and they are not carrying dirt in the community.”

Also speaking at the meeting, the CDC Chairman, Chief Shola Ogunyonbo, admonished residents not to put dirt around health centres and school environs.

He said that the refuse should be kept properly to facilitate proper evacuation by the PSP operators.

“People will carry their refuse from the house and go and put it on the main road. They will take it and go and put it beside the health centres and beside primary schools.

“They should keep their refuse in front of their houses perfectly so that when the PSP comes, they can pick the dirts up.

He further complained that PSP operators were not carrying out their responsibilities properly.

However, he said that the local government’s health department had promised to wade into the matter to call erring PSP operators to order.

Ogunyonbo said, “The Sanitary Inspector in the meeting said he will talk to the PSP. He told us that during the rainy season, they have some problem in their dumping site.

“He said immediately the rainy season stops, there will be an improvement in the carriage of their refuse. PSP should do what they are paid for.”