MAXIMUM MARRIAGE in the 21st Century

A reigning Marriage that is in its full strength of potentials for man to accomplish his destiny, giving glory to God …Rev. 4:11.

Couples’ Access Code
(CAC) 003/2019.


An open counselling to make good every marriage.

Our marriages will become more romantic as we choose to communicate with each other, and love each other unselfishly.

Communication breed openness and openness between husband and his wife breed closeness which builds trust. And trust is so much needed for strength & Unity in our marriages.

Communication means talking with each other freely.

Let me say it this way;

“It’s good for me to talk freely with my wife /husband. As I communicate with her/him, we understand each other; our love grows and our sex becomes more exciting ”

The Three Levels of Communication

Level 1
Talk about what happened

Every day when a husband and wife arrive home from their various engagements, they should greet one another with a hug and tell each other what happened during the day. Ask your partner “what happened to your life today?”

Level 2
Talk about issues of Mutual Concern

We should talk about; our finances & money; our children; our relatives; our plans for the future. ….
You may quarrel because of your different perceptions and opinions about the issues.
But the rule is
“Let’s not allow quarrel to kill our communication. Instead, let’s discuss each subject in a kind way…..and if we begin to disagree, let’s continue talking until we agree on a decision”

This level, actually helps to develop relationship skills which every marriage needs.

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Level 3
Talk about our Feelings

In this level, we open the door of our heart, allowing our marriage partner to see how we feel about things happening.

In level 1 , we report about what happened
Level 2 , we discussed how what happened affects us and how can we handle it.
Now in level 3 , we share our feelings about what happened.

When we communicate at level 3 , our joys are doubled because the happiness of one become the happiness of the other. And our burdens are cut in half since we shared the load.

I wished every married couple to practice these levels of communication in their marriage lives daily.

Scriptural references
Gen. 2:18 ; Eccl. 4:9-12.;
Eph 4:29 ; Col. 3:8.

Your marriage is the only one you have. There is no other one for you out there.
What you have is 100% good for you.

Please don’t allow your smartphone and the crazy social media free communications replace spousal verbal interactions.
Be intentional and committed about it.
Also when one partner is talking, the other should listen with open heart, to understand.
In that way you will be able to respond intelligently.


Therefore, Receive abundance Grace for sincere and heart -to- heart communication with your spouse.

You are blessed and stay blessed in Jesus precious name.

Please let us work with the Holy Spirit to save marriages the enemy has earmarked to destroy this year.

I give you my permission and kindly request that you forward this to all groups you belong to and also to all your contacts.

From God, the owner and lover of every Marriage & Family by my hand;

Keme Christopher
Marriage Counselor & Family Revivalist
[email protected] Whatsapp : 08135451107.