Dr Jonathan Obaje

A Singapore-based Nigerian medical practitioner, Dr. Jonathan Obaje, has recommended regular indoor exercise for people amid the coronavirus lockdown to enable them to maintain both physical and mental health.

Obaje, who is the Vice President, Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), Singapore Chapter, gave the advice on Saturday.

He said that exercise had become important for people as it would help them cope in the course of the global lockdown occasioned by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Obaje, who is also a biomedical research scientist, said, “Exercise more than ever is now most important in keeping healthy physically and mentally.

“There are simple indoor exercises we can practice at home.

“Another health habit for this period is diet control.

“Eat as little food as possible because food eaten but not burned becomes poisonous to the body, leading to the feeling of anxiety, depression, and even aggression.

“For people with pre-existing medical conditions, it could lead to escalation of the illness.

“Play indoor games. Get ludo, cards, chess game to play with family.

“Also organise tournaments with family members if possible and less of watching negative news on TV.”

He further urged Nigerians to use the lockdown period to appreciate God for sparing their lives.

Obaje, also a chartered chemist of the UK Royal Society of Science/Chemistry, advised Nigerians to shun negative thoughts and rather always think positive.

Obaje is a biomedical research scientist and inventor holding technology patents in U.S., Japan, and Singapore.

He is currently the chief executive officer of a transdermal drug delivery research company in Singapore.

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