Apostle Dr. James Iyanda

By Nsikak Affia

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) on Thursday, October 17 decried what they described as the marginalisation of the Alimosho Local Government Area by the government of Lagos State, saying the situation is responsible for the underdevelopment being witnessed in the LGA.

Reacting to the state government’s recent declaration of a state of emergency on Lagos roads, the Provincial Chairman of Alimosho PFN, Apostle Dr. James Iyanda pointed out that everything about Lagos politics is wrong, noting that none of the roads in Alimosho was included in the roads to be fixed despite the huge roles played by the LGA in the state’s politics.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had Sunday, October 13 ordered massive construction work on critical roads and highways across the state.

Iyanda, who is also the Regional Overseer of Go Ye Pentecostal Mission International, attributed the inability of the church to play major roles in the decisions regarding Alimosho taken by political leaders to the lack of unity among the church.

He stated that the problem the church is having is as a result of division among the church which the politicians prey on.

He added that the church has gone to sleep on the issue and allowed the political class to have the upper hand over them.

According to him, “Everything about politics is wrong in Lagos. I believe that the church has gone to sleep, and that is the reason I said, ‘we are not united, we are divided’.

“We have gone to sleep. Most times when they want to keep us shut, they bring someone and say this is from the church, you take it. So, it is either we like it or not, they are the ones who brought the person; we didn’t bring them.

“The church has never brought anyone. They pick the people to lead us, and that’s the problem we have. If we are united, we should be able to bring someone. They know us very well and they have read us well and know how to tackle us.”

Iyanda added that the politicians use the division of the church to their advantage and the only time the political leaders remember Alimosho is during elections where people helplessly vote for them because those presented by the leaders have good structures in place as opposed to those that go against them.

“Yes, Alimosho is been marginalised, we have been forgotten, we have been dumped and the only time they like us, or remember us is when they want our votes. And we all have been helplessly giving them the vote. This is because the people who need our votes have structures on the ground and those who could oppose them do not have any structure.

“The church can’t do anything about it until the church is united,” he said.

He urged the church to be united, stating that this is one of the reasons for the Upcoming Mega Crusade in Alimosho.

According to him, “the crusade will bring people and the church together and after the crusade, meetings will be held to make better and sincere decisions to enable better development and leadership in Alimosho”.

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