The Medical Director of the Alimosho General Hospital, Dr. Madewa Adebajo has disclosed that the hospital has been placed on alert for any case of Lassa Fever.

He stated that the hospital has set up an Emergency Preparedness Committee and Infection Control Committee for any eventuality.

“For us in Alimosho General Hospital, a lot of emphasis has been laid on the prevention and control of Lassa fever and we also lay emphasis on universal precaution at all times.

“Some of these viral infections have been with us, it comes and goes and that is why we should be ready at all time.

“More importantly, we are suspicious and look for any case that comes to us and threat accordingly.

“We have two committees in place already and we engage our patients and staff regularly while we have also provided personal protective equipment.

“If we do these, we will not be caught unaware because some health workers fall victims due to carelessness or when adequate precautions are not taken,” he said.

Adebajo explained that the hospital is working in accordance with the Lagos State Health Ministry to report any suspected cases to the appropriate channel.

He commended the Lagos state government for its proactive measures ahead of any outbreak of the virus in the state.

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