The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has ordered Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) to operate only between 12 noon and 3pm daily.

He gave this order after the monthly security meeting at the state house on Tuesday, November 26.

He stated that the limit on their operation hours was to ease the pain of motorists, allowing free flow of traffic at peak periods.

“We are using this medium to announce administratively that we have restricted the operations of the men of the Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Unit between the hours of 12pm in the midday and 3pm, which is the period we have less traffic flow.

“They must conduct their inspection within this period before people begin to leave their offices so that their operations will not cause unnecessary delays for motorists,” he said.

Sanwo-Olu disclosed that aggressive actions would be taken against those flouting his executive order on one-way driving, while reiterating restriction of commercial motorcycles on marked highways and routes.

He warned that there would be complete forfeiture of any vehicle arrested for driving against the traffic.

“We are going to go all out to enforce control on our roads in line with my executive order. This is the period we need to restore sanity back and keep the state safe.

“Okada riders are still not allowed to ply roads and places where they have been restricted. The enforcement will be aggressive.

“There will be arrest and forfeiture if anyone is arrested for driving on one-way,” he warned.

The governor also ordered immediate removal of heavy-duty vehicles illegally parked under bridges and unapproved places across the state, observing that the action was causing grave security concern for the government.

He advised truck owners to remove the vehicles before action is taken against them, adding that it may include forfeiture and prosecution.

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