Activities of market traders and commercial motorists at Ijegun bus-stop are having a negative impact on nearby public primary and secondary schools within the Ijegun school complex, Our Community Alimosho has found.

Investigation carried out by our reporter showed that trading activities at the Ijegun Market and constant calls for passengers by bus and tricycle drivers cause noise, which impairs the ability of the students to concentrate on their studies.

Also found to be a present danger to the students is the frequent breakout of fight between the commercial motorists and touts, during which dangerous objects such as broken bottles and stones are thrown freely, some of which land within the school premises.

Some of the affected schools within the nearby Ijegun school complex include Local Government Primary School 1& 2, Community Primary School 1 & 2, Ijegun Junior Grammar School, Ijegun Junior Comprehensive School, and Ijegun Senior High School.

In a chat with our reporter, the Principal of one of the affected schools, Mrs. C. Ajayi decried the constant threat posed to students due to activities around the ever-busy Ijegun bus-stop.

She said, “I usually tell my students to be at alert always and make sure they do not play while walking on the road as some motorists might have got drunk or smoked weed, and before you know what’s going on, there is an accident”.

She further disclosed that lunatics and thugs sleep over on condemned buses within the vicinity.

“Although these thugs and lunatics leave very early in the morning, but it is still inappropriate,” Ajayi said.

Also, she disclosed that hawkers and traders delay the students from entering the school premises on time.

She further noted that the traders and hawkers encouraged the students to roam about needlessly under the guise of buying something to eat.

However, a trader who identified herself simply as Mrs. Soliat denied that the market was a threat to learning activities of students within the school premises.

She told our reporter that the bus-stop remained a big threat to students as there have been countless recorded accidents involving the students of the school.

According to Soliat, who is an okro seller, “The bus-stop might be a big threat, but definitely not the market.”

A shop owner at the market, Mr. Kabiru corroborated Soliat’s assertion that the bus-stop, and not the market, posed a threat to the students.

He noted, “At times when the area is in commotion due to thugs fighting each other, the students sometimes gets hurt.”

One of the major targets a school aims for is conducive learning environment for students, which it is obvious schools within Ijegun school complex lack.

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A student of Ijegun Senior High School, Taiwo Kabirat, said, “The market and commercial motorists are a big threat to the school when there is a fight.

“The students find it easy to get knives and other dangerous weapons in the market.”

Every effort made to speak with the headmistress of Community Primary School 1, Mrs. Adesope, proved abortive.

The Supervisory Councilor for Education & Library Services, Igando-Ikotun LCDA, Comrade Alani Babatunde, disclosed that the local government had built a new market in “Ijegun, passing through Ijagemo”.

The supervisory councilor said that the local government could not use force to drive the traders from the old market to prevent the traders from turning the matter into a political issue.

He further disclosed that it was the duty of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officials to arrest anyone going against the law by continuing to operate a market where it should not be.

Speaking about the bus-stop, Babatunde urged the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) to apply for assistance from the government for an approved site to relocate the commercial motorists.

He promised to bring up the issue at the council administration’s executive meeting.