Residents of Idimu have expressed displeasure over lack of prompt waste removal by Private Sector Participants (PSP)operators in the area.

In a series of reactions on social media platform, Twitter, the residents stressed that waste in the area has not been removed for weeks despite regular bill payment by residents.

Our community can also report that some of this waste has been abandoned on the road like Ogunrombi road and on road medians in the area.

When contacted, the Chief Executive Officer of Hakbas Ventures, Mr. Sholuwade, one of the PSP operators in charge of Idimu, said the firm was trying its best.

“The problem is that the more we are removing, the more people are replacing and as they are doing this, they do not allow the good work of the government to show,” he said.

He further explained those who regularly paid their bills and put the waste in front of their houses were enjoying seamless service.

“Those who are paying their bills and put their waste in front of their house, those waste are being removed,” he explained.

Sholuwade also stated that residents put their waste on the road due to unwillingness to pay their bills.

“They are expected to put their waste in a bag and place it in front of their houses for the PSP operators to remove it but 40% of people don’t want to pay for their waste, that’s why they put it on the road,” Sholuwade said.

He advised that people should be enlightened on proper waste disposal.

“Please the people need to be enlightened that they should not put their waste on the highway. It is a wrong thing to do,” he said.

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