A resident of Idimu, Alhaji Shamsideen Adebimpe, has lauded Police high authorities for uncovering the alleged fraudulent creation of Isheri-Olofin kingdom from Idimu kingdom in present-day Egbe-Idimu local council development area.

Adebimpe gave the commendation in a Thursday, July 19 statement in Abuja.

He said that police investigation unravelled the “fraudulent” change of Isheri-Idimu to Isheri-Olofin by Lagos State Government in 1984 through the instrumentality or influence of one Wahab Balogun, who claimed to be the Oba of the unknown Isheri-Olofin.

Adebimpe also said that the unearthing of the truth about the illegality of Isheri-Olofin creation exposed the criminality associated with it.

He said Balogun falsified and altered over 13 pages of records of National Archives, a Federal Government document, by changing Isheri-Idimu, which had existed in Lagos state’s map since 1919 and Ikeja District map II of 1934.

He said that one of the documents in file number G58, entitled “Re-organisation of Idimu Area Villages’’ was altered and fraudulently inserted as Isheri-Olofin in the 1960 Ikeja map by Balogun.

Adebimpe lauded the Inspector-General of Police team, which conducted the investigation into the unlawful act for the thoroughness of the job, including invitation of Oba Balogun for his role in the “forgery” that characterised the act.

He said that the outcome of the investigation would rescue no fewer than 650,000 inhabitants of Idimu who were victims of Balogun’s unlawful act, which displaced them and led to the loss of their property.

He urged the police to intensify efforts to properly address the issue, create restitution for the displaced people and prosecute everyone involved in the fraud.

Adebimpe had in April given the Lagos State Government 30 days to remove the Oba of Isheri-Olofin and declare the kingdom illegal or risk a legal action.

He said that the kingdom, created by the state government in 1984, had no history in Idimu area as it was never one of the 500 villages in Ikeja District in the last 500 years.

Adebimpe said that no such town as Isheri-Olofin ever existed in the composite Map of communities in Idimu area drawn by late Herbert Macaulay in December, 1919.