Leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau has responded to the $7 million (app. N2.5 billion) bounty placed on his head by the United States government with a new video.

Our Community recalls that the US Rewards for Justice Program’s French Twitter handle republished the bounty offer, which was first made in May 2013, last week.

In the new video released in response to the offer, Shekau can be seen releasing a volley of gunshots into the air, in apparent celebration of the news.

The Boko Haram leader spoke in Arabic before switching to Hausa.

A media and development researcher, Bassim Wahbi Al-Hussaini, who translated the Boko Haram leader’s words, explained that Shekau spoke about faith and Jihad mandated by God in the new 26-minute video.

“He reiterated his views on the US, Israel and Nigeria being infidel states with US being the headquarters of corruption.

“He also said the US is fighting Islam in every possible way. He questioned the US for putting up only 2.5bn naira or $7m.

“He claimed the US can’t find him but he is also not scared for them to find him as long as he is not an “infidel”.

“He celebrated the bounty by sporadically shooting a few rifles and a machine gun,” Al-Hussaini said.

Watch a snippet of the video below:

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