Alimosho residents have criticised the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) over alleged poor repairs in the ongoing rehabilitation of Samson/Akinola street in the area.

Their criticism followed a video which the corporation shared on its official Twitter page showing the repairs.

Watch Video: 

In a series of reactions, the residents stated that there was no justification for the poor repairs.

There is nothing you could tell me that will justify the waste you people are carrying out in the name of repair.

“You are laying asphalt on ordinary sand, no few excavations, no refilling of granite or stone dust with good ramming of the stone dust before you laid the asphalt,” a resident, @FSA_picca, said. 

Another resident stated that the tack coat was poorly applied.

“Poor application of tack coat to serve as a binder between the asphalt and the base is waste of tax-payers fund.

“The state government should purchase a tack coat application truck for proper tack application before asphalt mat is placed,” another resident, King Oudah, said.

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